500y. Vibra-Tite VC-3 Thread Locking Fluid (Our #1 Choice)


In our opinion, this is the BEST medium strength thread locking fluid on the market (size = 1 FL OZ). Thread locking fluid is a MUST to secure threaded fasteners, and to ensure they will no come loose and/or fall off. Apply thread locking fluid to fasteners, torque to required specification, and you're ready to go. No cure time necessary. Read manufacturer instructions on the package for additional details. Comes in a bottle with the applicator brush attached to the lid (similar to a bottle of fingernail polish).

HELPFUL HINT: Shake well before use. Unscrew the lid and raise while keeping the brush over the center of the bottle. Allow the liquid to drip off the brush into the center of the bottle for a few seconds, then apply to your fastener. DO NOT WIPE BRUSH ON SIDE OF BOTTLE. If you do, the lid will be susceptible to sticking to the bottle to the point the lid will break when unscrewing from the bottle.

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