070d2. Three Nail Cross



This is an add-on option for our sissy bars. We make each nail of the Three Nail Cross in our shop to achieve the proper sizing. The size of the nail heads and nails vary depending on the sissy bar size the cross is being installed on. Larger nails are made and used on the Hercules bars, and even larger nails on the Mammoth bars. The nails are welded together, then welded on to the sissy bar. The finish (chrome or powder coat) will be the same as selected for the sissy bar.

Note: When selecting this option, please know the polishing and chrome are done on a best effort basis. It is impossible to polish and chrome in tight spaces. Finished chrome plating in the tight spaces may be discolored, plus may not have the polished chrome look.
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Manufacturer Ginz Choppers
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