We are located in southern California, dedicated to bring you new and innovative products, such as our original "SS" - Solo Seat
sissy bars. I personally write this column and will keep you updated on new products, and other news worthy items, so be sure to
check back frequently. If you have any feedback or questions, contact us directly on our
Contact Ginz webpage. We proudly
manufacture all our products in the

                                   I also want to express my gratitude to all the brave soldiers who have served or are serving to protect
                                   our country.  I don't care when or where you served, I'm proud of ALL of you and I say THANK YOU.
                                  You're ALL my heroes! People are trying to take away our rights to fly our flag, and to take away rights
                                  of prayer in our schools. If they don't like or respect our flag, or respect our prayer, or our Christian
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                                  I'm only asking for you to have respect for the foundation of America, for that is the basis from which all
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A Personal Message from Gin, owner of Ginz Choppers - As you know, all our sissy bars are custom made to order. Our
sissy bars are not mass produced on a machine in some foreign county. Instead we manufacture all our sissy bars in-house right
here in So Cal, each one fabricated one at a time for your bike.  During the busy part of the accessories season, our lead time
increases. We appreciate your patience during these busy times. We also want to thank you for your continued  support, as Ginz
Choppers has continued to grow every year since we started with our very first sale back in February 2006. We are now looking for
another location (this will be our 5th location since we opened) to expand our capabilities. These additional capabilities will better
enable us to keep up with the increasing demand, and also increase our ability to expand Ginz products into other areas of the
motorcycle industry.  Ultimately, we want to be able to offer you more choices so you may personalize your bike with the best, high
quality products.

New Products

Big Dog - We  fabricate sissy bars to fit Big Dog bikes which have the OEM sissy bar receivers in the fender struts. The
receivers must be a cylindrical shaped hole (must be straight holes, and not have a cone shaped taper), with the receiver access
on the top (not rear) of the struts. Any of our sissy bars and universal luggage racks are available for order for any of these
Big Dog configurations. Sissy bars for Big Dog are available for order only by phone.

Sissy bars - We have added new sissy bar styles, plus a new cool sissy bar option to our lineup. Be sure to check out our new
Bayonet, Mad Joker, Scorpion and Devil Tail sissy bars, plus the barbed tail sissy bar add-on option. Our new Devil Tail sissy bar
was selected as
HOT BIKES top 100 new products and has already become one of our best selling bars.

Luggage racks - We have new "CONTOURED" luggage rack designs. These new bolt-on luggage racks are great for smaller day
bags, and are installed or removed with just two bolts. We also offer heavy duty welded luggage racks to match the same style as our
sissy bars. These are a great alternative for big, heavier, over-night bags.

Sissy bar inserts - We continue to expand our selection of sissy bar inserts as an add-on option. If you want an add-on insert for your
sissy bar, and have a design in mind that we don't have, ask us about getting it on your bar.

Sissy bar mounts with LED for tail / turn / brake - Stay tuned: This is an industry first, which will also be available soon.
This innovative, high intensity LED lighting system is designed to be used with all our existing sissy bar mounts, as well as
universal sissy bar mounts for custom bike applications.  In addition, we will also have matching high intensity LED lights for the
front of your bike. Our LED light housings are not cheap chrome-plated plastic, or low-grade cast metal made overseas, but strong,
fully machined metal to ensure strength and long life, all made in the

We have even more new products in development coming your way, so be sure to keep in touch.

Ginz Choppers Bike Show Schedule - We just wrapped up Las Vegas BikeFest. I had the personal pleasure of meeting many new
people and developing new industry contacts. All in all, it was a great event for us. Our next scheduled event is
Arizona Bike Week,
March 25 thru 29, 2015. This event will sneak up fast, so mark your calendars and make your reservations. I hope to see you there!

Tribute Photo
Here's a cool photo of my late father.  He was a dedicated family man who worked
his butt off to provide for his family and assure we had a nice home, a table full of
food, plus all the toys others did not. Here he is on his Harley back in 1966. The
picture was taken in front of the house where I grew up located in Sylmar, CA. This is
just one of many bikes he owned. He just loved riding and did so whenever he could.
He loved his motorcycles and he had many. His bikes I remember are his Honda,
BSA, Triumph and of course his Harley Davidson shown in the photo. Although he
passed on in 1992, when I'm riding I often feel like he is riding along side me.
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